Hudly is not just another ordinary head-up display because with Hudly Wireless, you can conveniently get directions without taking your eyes off the road, along with calls and texts. 


Obviously it connects wirelessly to both iOS and Android devices and can be installed in virtually any car. You can use our app, optimised to get the most out of a head-up display, or cast any of your favourite apps directly in your line of sight for seamless navigation.

If you are wondering whats HUD , well its Head-up displays (HUD)  and are designed to give you a safer way to access vital navigation and vehicle diagnostics without distracting your eyes off the road. Reduce distractions behind the wheel when apps like Google Maps and Waze are cast directly in your line of sight. Maintain full awareness of the road ahead as the info you need guides you to your destination.
Fighter jets have been using HUDs for decades to safely navigate the skies. While new luxury cars now arrive with HUDs pre-installed, Hudly is a sleek, affordable aftermarket option that works in any car.

One huge benefit of HUDs is the way it uses the optical properties of light (optical collimation) to display images in the distance. When you’re looking at your phone 1 foot in front of you, your situation awareness is impacted not to mention that you will be angling your head down and away from the road, every second your eyes aren’t focused on the road increases the likelihood of an accident. Also, with a flat combiner the image looks much sharper with a wider viewing angle.

HUDLY Features:

  • Get started right away: Hudly mirrors your phone’s screen and projects it so you can use any apps you want, without having to learn a new platform.


  • Check speed, fuel, temperature, and more—better than ever before: Hudly displays your car performance stats as sleek, easy-to-read dials so there’s no need to glance down at the dash.


  • Optimal visibility in all weather conditions, day or night: Hudly’s light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness for optimal visibility, with up to 35x the brightness of an average phone screen. The crystal clear glass display is engineered to magnify images for easy visibility.


  • Easily find your way: Navigate to your destination with apps you already know and trust. Prefer Waze? You got it. Google Maps? That works too!


  • Keep your hands on the wheel: Simply use your phone’s voice controls (in English or any preferred spoken language) to safely interact with your apps so you never need to lift a finger.


The company offers worldwide shipping. Cost of one piece is $299.00 at the time of writing this post.  Visit Buy Head-up display to buy the product.


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