In order to run the installation program in graphical mode the machine on which you are installing the software must support a Java-based GUI. All consoles for Windows systems support Java-based GUIs, but not all consoles for UNIX systems do. If you attempt to start the installation program in graphical mode on a system that cannot support graphical display, the installation program automatically starts in console mode e.g:



1.  Now if your Linux/Unix machine supports then after running the installation binary it will pop-up the GUI console welcome screen.Click “Next”



2. Select middleware home and click “Next”.



3. Now the installer will ask you to register for security updates. You can provide your Email id and password. However, you can By pass this step by unchecking on I wish to receive Security Updates.Click “Yes” and then click “Next”.



4. On this stage it will ask you to choose the installation type :

a.)Typical ==> Weblogic Server along with Coherence will be installed. (Oracle Coherence is an in-memory data grid and distributed caching solution. Coherence enables organizations to predictably scale mission-critical applications by providing fast access to frequently used data.)

b.) Custom ==> We can select the components which we want to install Select “Custom” and Click on “Next”

I am going with custom installation here. Select the Component which you want to install, remove Oracle Coherence and eclipse if you don’t need and click “Next”.



5. Select the JDK . By Default in 32 bit installer both the JDK comes If you wish to use your local JDK you can Browse and choose. Click “Next”.



6. At this point the installer will show you the Product Installation Directory, this is going to be your Weblogic Home. You can either go by default or change it according to your requirement.



7. Now it will show you the installation Summary With the components Being Installed and the total size of the Installation .Click on “Next” and your installation will start.

Viola!! Weblogic has been installed on your system.

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