Silent mode installtion of weblogic server is non-interactive mode of installation. In this mode installation program reads the configuration from an XML file (known as silent xml) that you create before beginning the installation.Silent installation allows using the configuration to duplicate the installation on many machines. Silent-modeinstallation works on both Windows and UNIX systems.


Few important things in silent mode installation.

  • You can use any Package Installer like “Jar Installer” .jar or “executable” Installers (*.bin or *.exe)
  • Below are the installation steps for .bin/.exe
  • Be sure that you have correct entries in the xml file configuration or it will lead you to installation failures.
  • Silent mode installation will not display any configuration options during the installation process, ergo collect
    Licence Agreement and terms & Conditions Documents beforehand.
  • While doing installation optionally you can specify an installation log file so that you can keep a track of any
    issues that occur during installation of the WebLogic server.



Silent Mode Installation (using generic jar installer):

Set the appropriate JDK(you need to have JDK installed) path to the PATH variable definition as below:

export JAVA_HOME
export $PATH

Then run command:

java -jar file_name.jar -mode=silent -silent_xml=path_to_silent.xml log=/opt/oracle/middleware_installationlog.txt

java -jar server103_windows32.jar -mode=silent -silent_xml=/opt/oracle/silent_mode_file.xml -log=/opt/oracle/middleware_installationlog.txt


Silent Mode Installation (using Package installers) on Linux machines:

./wls1035_oepe111172_linux32.bin -mode=silent -silent_xml=/opt/oracle/silent_mode_file.xml -log=/opt/oracle/middleware_installationlog.txt


If installation goes ok then you will see the below successful message in installation log file.



This is the example of silent xml file.

[wls@beingexplorer ~]$ cat silent_mode_file.txt

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!-- Silent installer option: -mode=silent -silent_xml=path to silent.xml -->



<data-value name="BEAHOME" value="/opt/oracle/middleware" />

<data-value name="LOCAL_JVMS" value="/wlhome/jdk/jdk1.6.0_24" />

<data-value name="WLS_INSTALL_DIR" value="/opt/oracle/middleware/wlserver_10.3" />

<data-value name="OCP_INSTALL_DIR" value="/opt/oracle/middleware/coherence_3.6" />

<data-value name="COMPONENT_PATHS" value="WebLogic Server/Core Application Server|WebLogic Server/Administration Console|WebLogic Server/Configuration Wizard and Upgrade Framework|WebLogic Server/Web 2.0 HTTP Pub-Sub Server|WebLogic Server/WebLogic JDBC Drivers|WebLogic Server/Third Party JDBC Drivers|WebLogic Server/WebLogic Server Clients|WebLogic Server/WebLogic Web Server Plugins|WebLogic Server/UDDI and Xquery Support|Oracle Coherence/Coherence Product Files" />

<data-value name="INSTALL_SHORTCUT_IN_ALL_USERS_FOLDER" value="false"/>

<data-value name="INSTALL_NODE_MANAGER_SERVICE" value="no" />

<data-value name="NODEMGR_PORT" value="5559" />



Common error while instaling weblogic server in silent mode:

1. The local BEA product registry is corrupted.

[wls@beingexplorer ~]$ ./wls1035_oepe111172_linux32.bin -mode=silent -silent_xml=/home/wls/silent_mode_file.txt -log=/home/wls/middleware_installationlog.txt

Extracting 0%....................................................................................................100%

The local BEA product registry is corrupted. Please select another Middleware Home or contact Oracle Support

** Error during execution, error code = 65280.

Check COMPONENT_PATHS variable in silent xml file. Every component should be correctly entered. That variable should form one line without \n or any other special character.

2.An external Eclipse Home must be specified when using the generic installer.
You can specify the Eclipse External Home by using the below argument in the silent.xml


3. The directory “/tmp” does not have enough space for extraction.
Silent-mode installation requires the same amount of temporary disk space and uses the same temporary storage directories as a standard installation. If you re running out of temporary space, you can change the default temporary directory by using the below parameter.

Specify the below java handler.<temp-dir-location>


Congratulation now you know silent mode installation as well , Cheers.

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